Curriculum Vitae

JENNIFER SPINNER, LCSW (SW 4630) (305) 409-0099


Boston University, Boston, MA,              

May 1994    Master of Arts Degree in Social Work with clinical concentration, including Group                         

Work Certification

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

May 1991    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology



10/01-PresentProgram DirectorJewishCommunity Services of South Florida, Inc., Miami, FL

Administer and supervise the day-to-day activities of the Alliance for Human Services Homeless Prevention Program.  Conduct outreach, intake, and assessment of each client’s individual needs.  Provide vocational and employment counseling, development, and placement.  Supply support services and job placement follow-up for retention and adjustment.  Refer clients in-house for rent, utility, and food assistance when necessary.  Compile monthly progress report and  client data in a local database for the purpose of monitoring and tracking each program’s outcomes and benchmarks.  Attend community meetings as they apply.


11/95–9/01   Vocational Counselor  Jewish Community Services of South Florida, Inc., Miami, FL

Implement the Project HOPE grant.  Perform job counseling for homeless and unemployed individuals.  Discover job openings through independent networking.  Increase and strengthen business contacts.  Communicate respect for client cross-cultural perspectives.  Advocate for clients.  Distribute finances and resources.  Make referrals using strong knowledge of Miami-Dade county community resources.  Work toward reduction of client defense mechanisms.  Motivate clients to articulate and achieve goals.  Utilize therapeutic modalities.  Conduct consistent follow-up meetings with clients and employers for program review and evaluation.  Maintain statistical database.  Prepare reports assessing program efficiency and effectiveness.  


9/95-10/95    PHP Therapist             Deering Hospital, Miami, FL

Performed psychotherapy with elderly and mentally ill individuals on an individual or group basis.  Conducted patient intakes.  Devised psycho socials.  Completed documentation for Medicaid.  Utilized the GAF scale in the DSM IV to discern patient stress level.  Diagnosed patients according to the DSM IV.  Applied knowledge of etiologies related to diagnosis.  Defined characteristics of each diagnosis.  Intervened with rationales appropriate to each diagnosis. 


2/95-9/95      Clinician                      Bertha Abess Children’s Center, Miami, FL

Performed group and individual therapy for children from inner city schools.  Conducted family therapy.  Specialized in counseling students diagnosed with SED, hyperactivity, conduct disorders, and childhood depression.  Designed, coordinated, and evaluated behavioral modification programs.  Completed assessments and psycho socials.  Distributed medication to children.  Earned certification in Physical Management Techniques. 


7/94-2/95       Dialysis Social Worker      BMA South Miami, Miami, FL

Counseled elderly and multi-cultural patients with kidney failure and AIDS.  Provided family therapy for patients and relatives.  Updated treatment plans with a medical nephrology team.  Performed patient intakes and devised psycho socials.  Arranged patient transportation.  Acted as liaison between providers and insurance companies.  Advocated for patients to receive financial assistance. 


3/93-3/94     Trinity Hospice                  Volunteer, Brookline, MA

Provided psychosocial support to patients and/or family members. Actively participated in group patient review meetings.   Completed sixteen hours of extensive training prior to being assigned to patients.  Offered companionship, respite care and bereavement support.  Received supervision throughout Trinity Hospice service. 

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